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Service Prices & Staff
Gail Van Treeck - Owner/Manager, ND, Doctor of Naturopathy,
    Health Assessment Consultant,
    Certified National Health Professional (CNHP),
   Certified Electrodermal Practitioner,
   Certified NAET Practitioner, and Colon Hydrotherapist.
Dr Frederick Hult - DC, DACBN, DACBI, MS, CCN
   Certified Electrodermal Practitioner,
    Certified NAET Practitioner
Health Assessment Consultation  
(Electrodermal Testing, Nutritional Counseling,  Herbology, Iridology)
- Initial Health Assessment Consultation                   $175
- Recheck of Health Assessment Consultation            $80
                              (Initial Check for Children 15 and under       $120)
Colon Hydrotherapy                                  1 hour    $70
                                                                 (First Appoint.  1 hour - $80)
NAET              (Allergy Elimination Treatment)     $60
                                                                (First Appoint.  1 hour - $70)
EEG Neurofeedback
- Initial EEG Neurofeedback Treatment                   $150
- Recheck of EEG Neurofeedback Treatment            $75
Lab Work Available (Blood Test)
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